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    Are you tired of the traditional rubber superbands pinching or even bruising your skin during intense workouts?  4KOR Fitness has solved this problem with the brand new ultra comfortable 4KOR Fabric bands.

    The new 4KOR Fabric band is designed to provide more comfort, stability, and durability than traditional rubber superbands.  The 4KOR Fabric band is 40” long by 2” wide.  This offers unlimited applications when adding intensity to an exercise.

    Unlike a traditional rubber superband, the 4KOR Fabric band is built for a high level of comfort.  It is 2 inches wide and made of high quality fabric, so no more dealing with bands that dig into you body or move around during an exercise.

    The 4KOR Fabric band is designed to be one of the most versatile resistance tools that can easily make common exercises more intense and effective.  It can be used for upper and lower body training, performance drills, and even partner work.

    Trainers that specialize in outdoor bootcamps or indoor group training will especially like the 4KOR Fabric band due to its versatility.  You’ll be able to use less equipment and keep clients more engaged.  The 4KOR Fabric bands will unleash your creativity , enhance existing exercises, and reduce equipment costs while still delivering an intense workout.

    The Red Fabric Band is a Level 3 resistance ideal for an intermediate athlete.

    The Black Fabric Band is a Level 4 resistance ideal for an advanced athlete looking for a heavier resistance.