Ultra Comfortable & Durable 2” Exercise Resistance Fabric Band Set

Experience a better mind-muscle connection during dynamic leg workouts while using your 4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop 3 Band Set for a productive, hassle-free workout. No-Slip, No-Roll, and No-Snap!

  • Bands that do not roll up your leg.
  • Bands that are comfortable and won't pinch skin.
  • Bands that are extremely durable and last.
  • Bands that do not slide up or down.
  • Bands that stretch far enough to complete dynamic exercises.
  • Bands with 3 levels of resistance.
  • Bands that are easy to use and affordable.

Ditch your currently frustrating bands, for a set of bands that will produce real results!

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Ultra Comfortable. Extremely Durable. Amazing Results.

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Trusted By The Pros

“ I’ve been using the Team 4KOR bands in our physical therapy clinic for the past 2 years. The bands in our facility get a ton of use, and while I’ve seen hundreds of thin latex bands snap over the years, the bands from Team 4KOR have not lost any elasticity despite being used multiple times per day. “

Dr. Teddy Willsey

Doctor of Physical Therapy

“ 4KOR resistance bands have become a staple in all lower body training sessions I put my athletes through. These bands have been extremely effective when it comes to getting the most out of training sessions, and I’ve seen first hand the amazing results 4KOR resistance bands can provide when incorporated on a consistent basis. “

Damian Segovia

Owner and Head Coach at Pro Physiques with 100+ Pro League Cards

“ I personally love that they have 3 different levels of resistance since I work with many age ranges and strength levels and they are appropriate to use on kids as well as my strongest of patients. The 4KOR bands are by far the best bands I have ever used and I seriously cannot recommend these enough! “

Dr. Stacie Morris

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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No Roll, No Slip, No Snap!

The 4KOR Fitness 2 Inch Band Set is designed to remove those frustrating factors of resistance training. Say goodbye to frustrating, rolling, slipping, and snapping bands, when you replace your current set with your new 4KOR Fitness Band Set!

Producing Real Results

“ I started using the 2” no-slip fabric bands from 4KOR Fitness about a year ago, and I’ll never go back to using any other kind of band! I absolutely love how these fabric bands are comfortable to wear and they don’t roll up my legs. The 4KOR bands are super easy to put on, and I don’t have to worry about readjusting them during a workout because they don’t roll up or move during an exercise. “

Juliette F.

“ I love to incorporate 4KOR’s no-slip hip bands into my leg workouts for a game changer glute burn! These bands are great because they don't move during exercises, so I'm not constantly readjusting the band. Second, they are soft. Even my workout partner Kolton will admit he loves how they don't pull on his leg hair! I mostly love how there are 3 different levels of resistance bands, so I can really target specific muscles, and if I really want more tension I can stack them. “

Cami G. & Kolton M.

“ 4KOR bands were a total gamechanger for me. I bought them initially because I was sick of snapping rubber bands at the gym, but I never could have predicted the extent to which they elevated my workouts. I’ve had my bands for over a year now, and I use them extensively: at least twice a week. 4KOR is truly a company I have come to trust to make exceptional workout bands and I am so happy with my 4KOR purchase. “

Grit P.

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Ultra Comfortable & Extremely Durable

4KOR Fitness’s 2 Inch Hip Band Set is engineered to not roll or slip while you are working out, and best of all, our band is extremely durable to last the toughest use!

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Three Resistance Levels

4KOR Fitness’s 2 Inch Exercise Resistance Band Set comes with 3 different resistance bands, each with a different tension for versatile workouts, the bands can be stacked in order to add tension and target specific muscles.

Light ( 15-20 lbs / 13.5” length)

Many 4KOR Fitness band users enjoy integrating the light resistance band for exercises such as glute kickbacks and plank jacks.

Heavy ( 30-35 lbs / 13.5” length)

The heavy resistance band is commonly worn around the knees and used for a variety of exercises like walking lunges and side plank clams for strengthening your glutes and hips.

X-Heavy ( 45-50 lbs / 14.25” length)

The 4KOR Fitness X-Heavy resistance band is great for exercises such as “Banded Hip Abductions” and “Banded Glute Bridges”. Also great for “stacking” with the Heavy and Light bands!

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