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    Put full-body relief back in your hands! The 4KOR Power Volt Mini percussion gun is your personal pocket-sized professional masseuse. Small but POWERFUL, the mini executes up to 2,800 percussions of deep tissue muscle treatment per minute, effectively awakening the body’s energy and relieving muscle soreness and stiffness. There’s no need to worry about it taking up weight or room as it is constructed with convenient mobility in mind. The mini easily fits into any gym bag, purse, or office drawer because everybody deserves to have access to relief, recovery, and relaxation in the comfort of their own space. 


    -Quiet Glide Technology. Less than 40dB at highest speed level (Ultra Quiet)  
    -3 Speed Settings (1600, 2200, and 2800 Percussions Per Minute)  
    -4 Massage Heads Included    
    -Battery Life Up To 4 Hours Continuous Use  
    -Carrying Case Included  
    -LED Battery 3 Level Indicator  
    -40lbs of pressure (stall force)  
    -8MM Stroke Length