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    These latex rubber pull-up assistance bands are available individually or as a set.  Each band has a 4.5mm thickness, a lay flat length of 41 inches, the width of the band will vary on the color of the band.  Below are the width of each color band, along with the approximate resistance level.  

    Orange band has a 0.25-inch width and offers 5-15lbs of resistance 

    Red band has a 0.5-inch width and offers 15-35lbs of resistance

    Black band has a 0.8125-inch width and offers 20-70lbs of resistance

    Purple band has a 1.25-inch width and offers a 35-85lbs of resistance 

    Green band has a 1.75-inch width and offers 50-125lbs of resistance 

    Blue band has a 2.5-inch width and offers 65-175lbs of resistance