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    The 3” ultra soft 4KOR Hip Band is the ultimate tool for hip and glute activation.  The tacky no-slip grips help keep the band in place while training.  Add our hip band to your leg day routine and instantly feel the extra intensity.     

    General Sizing Guide: 
    Medium - 13.25” long bands for smaller thighs 
    Large - 15” long bands for thighs 27" - 30”  
    X-Large - 16.5” long bands for larger thighs 30” or larger  (This size is currently only available as part of a set)  

    Please note this is a general sizing guide.  For example, someone with larger than 30” thighs could use a Medium sized band, however the band would not stretch as far.  Conversely, someone with less than 30” thighs could use an X-Large band for an exercise that requires a larger range of motion.