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These 4 Pillars are how we create value for our customers.


Each & every product from 4KOR Fitness is rigorously tested for the highest quality performance. Because better quality tools=bigger gains for a happier, healthier body & mind.


4KOR Fitness was built on a foundation of integrity that touches every corner of our business. It allows us to offer world class products with unbeatable customer service & warranties.


Passion drives our products as much as it drives your workouts. We support your goals with the most effective products and proven routines to help you get more from your 4KOR favorites.


Who says fitness can’t be fun? We design each product to perform and delight no matter what your fitness level. So let the endorphins flow & fall back in love with your fitness & recovery journey.

You Don’t Need A Rest Day...

Soreness and inflammation don’t need to slow you down. Proper recovery means fewer days away from the things you love – so you can get back to your routine faster!

Power Volt Mini

For on-the-go percussion therapy in a light and powerfully small package

Power Volt Pro

Offers deep-penetrating muscle relief with an unbeatable battery life

Fireball Recovery Set

Provides super strong gripping power to relieve even the tightest muscle knots

EVA Foam Massage Ball

Offers more comfort than a lacrosse ball

Trusted By Professionals

See what professional athletes are saying about us
“4KOR Fitness has allowed me to take fewer days off and perform at a highter level. When I thought my body needed rest, it really needed recovery, and no one does recovery as well as 4KOR”

Whitney Jones

3X Miss Olmpia

“Fitness is a hobby for some but for me, it’s my day job. 4KOR helps me perform better when it matters so I can support my body and my team”

Shane Lemieux

New York Giants

Ready To Take Your Routine
To The Next Level?

Whether you’re ready to push your limits or take the next small step toward your strength training, these curated sets have everything you need!

3 Level Strength System

For shoulder and core strengthening at home or at the gym

2” Hip Band Set

The superior fabric provides resistance and comfort while strengthening the lower body

Pull-up Assist Bands

Used for warm-ups, workouts and recovery – highly versatile

Deluxe 3 Level Strength System

Includes foot straps and interchangeable handles for a full-body circuit experience

Every Body Deserves

You need the best to be the best which is why 4KOR Fitness is committed to providing the top training & recovery solution in America. From our high-quality manufacturing to our industry leading warranties & customer care, we stand behind every 4KOR product.

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We’re different than other strength and recovery tools – and we’re not afraid to prove it!

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