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Resistance Cord Exercises

Below are some of the key exercises that can be performed using the 4KOR Resistance Cords.



Snow Angels

Pulsing Angels

Cross Body Pulldowns

Face Pull with Overhead Press

Reverse Fly


Horizontal Resisted Press (A)

Horizontal Resisted Press (B)

Horizontal Resisted Press (C)

Up and Outs

Down and Ins

Single Leg Deadlift

Lateral Resisted Lunge

Squat Pulldown

Reverse Lunge Reverse Fly

Reverse Lunge Pec Fly

Pallof Anti Rotation

Rotation Drill

Reverse Lunge Anti Side Bend

Hi-Low Chop

Half Kneeling Pallof

Supine Deadbug

Anti Rotation Deadbug

Follow Along Workout Video

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